Statistical Profile
Statistical Profile
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Resources (53,018)

Resources in RUcore are defined as discrete, individually manifested, information objects. Resources are made up of metadata and related files that define the resources composition.

You can view the statistical profile of RUcore resources by either resource type or growth over time.

Since the week of November 21st, 2005 a total of 53,018 resources covering 8 types have been deposited in RUcore.

Files (874,280)

In RUcore files fit in three major categories; metadata, archival, and presentation files. There are currently 874,280 files in RUcore.

Files can be metadata, documents, images, video, audio or other forms of digital information.

You can view the file statistics based on the quantity of files in each category, the most popular file types and file growth over time.

Disk Usage (15.93 TeraBytes)

RUcore currently consumes 15.93 TeraBytes or 16,315.37 GigaBytes of disk space.

You can view the disk usage for the three major categories of files in RUcore or see how disk usage is distributed across our most popular file types.

Finally, you can see how disk usage has increased as RUcore has grown over time.

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