International Image Interoperability Framework(IIIF) Service


RUcore offers this International Image Interoperability Framework (IIIF) API endpoint to provide scholars uniform and rich access to image-based resources. Listed below are the IIIF API's currently supported by RUcore.


Image API



The Image API specifies a web service that returns an image in response to a HTTPS request. The URI can specify the region, size, rotation, quality characteristics and format of the requested image. A URI can also be constructed to request basic technical information about the image to support client applications.

Supported Specification

IIIF Image API 2.0

URI Prefix

Identifier Format

RUcore resource identifiers must be paired with datastream/file identifiers using the ; delimiter. An example of this is rutgers-lib:20682;PTIF-1

Image Request URI Syntax

{URI Prefix}/{identifier}/{region}/{size}/{rotation}/{quality}.{format}


Image Information Request URI Syntax

{URI Prefix}/{identifier}/info.json


Input Parameters

The input parameters provided in the example above, /full/full/0/default.jpg, can be modified in accordance with the IIIF Image API 2.0 specification.

Supported Input Formats

We currently support the following datastream/file identifier prefixes.

  • PTIF-*

The wildcard(*) indicates the prefix can be enumerated depending on the makeup and structure of the resource, PTIF-1, PTIF-2, etc.

Supported Quality Settings

We currently support the following quality settings:

  • color
  • gray
  • native
  • default

Supported Output Formats

We currently support the following output formats:

  • .jpg

Presentation API



The Presentation API specifies a web service that returns an presentation information about digital content information via a HTTPS request.

Supported Specification

IIIF Presentation API 2.0

URI Prefix

Identifier Format

RUcore resource identifiers must be preceeded with the RUcore namespace rutgers-lib. An example of this is rutgers-lib:20682.

Manifest Request URI Syntax

{URI Prefix}/{identifier}/manifest


Output Format

Responses to manifest requests are formatted as JSON_LD with Content-type: application/ld+json.


RUcore has been developing web services that allow software applications to easily interact with our repository framework of services. These web services are REST based and typically respond to requests in XML or JSON.

Web Services

Listserv and Google Group

A listserv has been established that will be used to communicate service outages and RUcore web service related news. The listserv address is rucore_web_services[at] Visit this page to subscribe.

A Google Group has been created to provide a place for discussion about the web services RUcore provides.

If you have any further questions please contact us.