File Packaging
File Packaging
Each project preserved in the RUcore Research Data Portal may include actual data files generated by the research project as well as additional files that describe the processes by which the data files were created in order to facilitate further investigation and analysis.

The RUcore Research Data Portal now provides the capability of downloading any or all of the components of a research project in one step. These selected files will then be downloaded into a single compressed file in the .tar format, and can be opened by software tools such as gZip and 7-Zip.

After selecting the option to "Download Project", the size of the complete project download is presented. An option to "Select Files" will allow the selection of specific files, based on user interest or to shrink the size of the download.

To complete the download, the user selects "Download Item(s)". The selected files will be downloaded to your browser's default download folder with a file name of "package.tar".

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