OpenMIC Metadata Guide

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Overview of Metadata Help

   Contributed by: Marty Barnett

Descriptive Metadata

   Contributed by: Mary Beth Weber, Rhonda Marker, Li Sun, Jane Otto, Marty Barnett

Source Metadata

   Contributed by: Jane Otto, Grace Agnew, with special thanks to Chris Lacinak, Audiovisual Preservation Solutions

Source Type: Analog disc

Source Type: Audiotape

Source Type: Cylinder

Source Type: Film

Source Type: Optical disc

Source Type: Photographic

Source Type: Text or graphic (paper)

Source Type: Three-dimensional object

Source Type: Videodisc

Source Type: Videotape

Source Type: Wire recording

Technical Metadata

   Contributed by: Isaiah Beard, Grace Agnew, Marty Barnett, with special thanks to Chris Lacinak, Audiovisual Preservation Solutions

Descriptive "Type of Item": Dataset

Descriptive "Type of Item": Event

Descriptive "Type of Item": InteractiveResource

Descriptive "Type of Item": MovingImage

Descriptive "Type of Item": Physical Object

Descriptive "Type of Item": Service

Descriptive "Type of Item": Software

Descriptive "Type of Item": Sound

Descriptive "Type of Item": StillImage

Descriptive "Type of Item": Text

Rights Metadata

   Contributed by: Grace Agnew, Jane Otto, Marty Barnett

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