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Last updated: March 2nd, 2009

What type of information each metadata tab contains

OpenMIC is an open source, web-based cataloging tool that can be used as a standalone application or integrated with other repository architectures by a wide range of organizations. It is a core application for the Moving Image Collections (MIC) initiative developed at the Rutgers University Libraries with funding from the Library of Congress.

Metadata records can be created, edited and deleted in the Cataloging Utility. When you open a new or existing record in the Cataloging Utility, you will see several tabs on the form. A different type of metadata will be displayed on each tab: Descriptive, Source, Technical and Rights. The first element on the Source tab is "Source Type." Depending on the value you give in that element (selectable from a drop down list), the elements that are listed on the Source tab may be different. The first element on the Descriptive tab is "Type of Item." Depending on the value in this element (selectable from a drop down list), the elements that are listed on the Technical tab may be different.

Brief descriptions of the types of data that can be entered on each tab are as follows:
  • Descriptive metadata is information about the object itself, such as names of people directly involved with the object and the subject headings that could describe its contents.
  • Source metadata describes the physical piece from which a digital file is created. The source object is described in terms of its physical characteristics. Source metadata is information about where an image is held and how it can be located within the repository.
  • Technical metadata describes the digital file that is created from the source resource. The digital object is described in terms of its digital characteristics. Technical metadata is information about the creation of the digital object, including image type and resolution.
  • Rights metadata specifies data such as copyright information and any rights restrictions that may exist that pertain to the collection.

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