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Last updated: April 22nd, 2009
AES 4.4.1
Ideally, the standard recognized name for the format of the object. In any case, a material designation which more specifically describes the type of physical object within the broader structure type ("source type") of photographic, three-dimensional object, etc. For example, sourceType "three-dimensional object" is more specifically described here as either a 'manmade object' or 'naturally occurring artifact.' Film is described here in terms of the specific element (original track negative, kinescope print, etc.). For videotape; videodisc; audiotape; optical disc; analog disc; cylinder; and wire recording: this field is intended to allow the inputter to readily identify a format by visual inspection, with the system populating certain physical description fields based on the selection. This reduces inputting errors and effort. For example, a value of "78 rpm" for the analogDisc source type could populate the shape, diameter, soundField, noiseReduction, speedDesignated, grooveOrientation, and grooveCreationMethod elements. Controlled vocabularies are in development for some media types. Use free-text if no controlled vocabulary is provided below.
Controlled Vocabulary
Film. answer print; color reversal intermediate; composite duplicate negative; composite master positive; composite original negative; composite original positive; composite reversal original; composite work print; double system magnetic track element; double system picture element print; duplicate magnetic track; duplicate picture negative; duplicate picture positive; duplicate track negative; duplicate track positive; internegative; interpositive (color); kinescope print; kinescope picture positive; kinescope duplicate picture negative; magnetic track; magnetic track positive; original picture negative; original track negative; original track positive; paper positive; paper negative; picture master positive (b&w); picture positive work print; picture work print; preprint; print; re-recorded track negative; re-recorded track positive; re-recorded magnetic track; reversal original; reversal print; successive exposure negative; successive exposure picture master positive; sync magnetic track; track master positive; track positive; work print; work magnetic track; work track; work track negative; work track positive [adapted from AMIM2 and UCLA FATA]
Photographic. Photoprint (direct positive); Photoprint from negative; Photographic negative; Slide/transparency [source: rulib]
Text or graphic (paper). book; manuscript; newsprint; journal; map; plate [source: rulib]
Three-dimensional object. Manmade object; Naturally occurring artifact or biofact; Combination [source: rulib]

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