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Date Created1995
DescriptionVerso of illustrated map of the PATH railroads lines in New Jersey and New York City. This side shows schedule and rates.
Date Created1995
DescriptionIllustrated map of the PATH and New Jersey Transit railroad lines in New Jersey and New York City from the vantage point of the World Trade Center in New York City. Distances of 15, 35 and 50 mile...
Date Created1925
DescriptionMap of the Journal Square Plaza area of Jersey City, Hudson County, N.J. including the Journal Square tube station and Pennsylvania Railroad. Legend shows travel time from Journal Square to major...
Date Created1860
DescriptionStreet map of Chelsea, part of Hudson City which existed between 1855 and 1870 before becoming part of Jersey City, N.J. Inset at top shows communities surrounding New York Bay.
Date Created1869
DescriptionMap published as part of announcement of the auctioning of the lots in Toms River on August 26, 1869. The stated auctioneer was Morris K. Crane of Trusdell and Crane, 35 Hudson St., Hoboken, N.J.
Date Created1868
DescriptionCounty map showing existing and proposed streets and roads. Each town is divided by color.
Date Created1972
DescriptionAerial photograph from the NJ Department of Environmental Protection Aerial Photographs Collection showing Weekawken Township in Hudson County, New Jersey
Date Created1889
DescriptionMap of Jersey City and environs, Hudson County, N.J. Legend indicates steam railroads and railroad stations, horse roads, fire houses, churches and schools.
Date Created1893
Date Created1885
DescriptionHolbrook's map of the city of Newark including Harrison and East Newark. Map includes a directory of streets not shown on the map itself. Inset map of Hudson county. Two advertisments on map includes...
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