Intellectual Property Policy
Intellectual Property Policy

Version 1.0, 15 July 2007

RUcore, the Rutgers University Community Repository (Repository), is a service of the Rutgers University Libraries provided to lower access barriers and offer the widest possible dissemination for the intellectual and creative output of the university. The Repository also provides appropriate long-term preservation services for that content to ensure continuing access over time. Content is made available through a non-exclusive license granted by the author (Depositor) or other rights holder; there is no transfer of intellectual property rights accompanying submission of content to the Repository.

Author's Deposit Agreement
Agreement for Designee Submitting on Behalf of Author
Blanket Agreement for Batch Deposits

Depositors or their designees grant to the Repository a non-exclusive right to:

When depositing a Work, Depositors or their designees should represent the Work's copyright status in a manner consistent with the university's Copyright Policy (University Policy Library, Section: 50.3.7, January 18, 2007). The Repository is committed to open access and prefers that content be deposited without access restriction. However, it will make reasonable efforts to limit access to authorized university users or specific users if restrictions are associated with a written submission at the time of deposit.

The Repository will work with the Depositor or the depositor's designee to allow submissions to be added to, replaced, or removed to comply with subsequent changes to an item's access policy or to reflect a revision to the work. In the event that a published submission is replaced or removed, the Repository will retain a descriptive record for citation purposes.

Although the Depositor or the depositor's designee has the right to remove content from the Repository, we recommend that material be deposited in perpetuity to ensure continuity of access and citation and to facilitate long-term preservation.

In addition, the Depositor or the depositor's designee grants to the Repository the right to:

The Repository shall obtain express written permission from the author or other rights holder to use the content for any commercial purpose.

In the event of the dissolution of a research group, center, institute, or any other unit that is represented in the Repository, or when an author leaves the university, content will continue to be held by the Repository unless individual authors or other rights holders submit a written request for removal or access restriction.

In the case of joint authorship, if the individual authors or other rights holders disagree on whether or how their Work is represented in the Repository, content will continue to be held by the Repository in the manner in which it existed immediately prior to the disagreement until the authors or other rights holders jointly request, in writing, a change to that status.

Content deemed to be official university records may be transferred to the control of the University Archives while remaining in the Repository.

Note: This policy is based with permission on the intellectual property policy of Deep Blue, the institutional repository of the University of Michigan.
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