Tracing Stephanie’s Growth in Property Noticing through the Pirie-Kieren Lense

DescriptionIn this analytic, we look at instances of Stephanie learning in the property noticing layer of the Pirie-Kieren model. In the first clip, Stephanie identifies similar characteristics between the Towers problem and the Shirts and Pants problems and explores what the outfit problem context means in the one-tall, two-tall, and three-tall towers.

In the second clip, Stephanie works with other students to discuss and develop a rule for figuring out how many towers can be created for different heights. Stephanie eventually moves from property noticing to formalizing when she develops her rule for figuring out the number of towers that can be made for subsequent tower heights.

In the third clip, Stephanie works in a one-on-one interview and connects the combinatorial notation to the towers of different heights to the number of cubes of each color used in each tower.
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