Tracing Stephanie’s Growth in Mathematical Understanding through Researcher Moves

DescriptionThis analytic demonstrates effective researcher moves that promote student growth in mathematical understanding. This analytic shows students learning math in different sessions, engaging in the Shirts and Pants Tasks and different versions of the Towers Problem. The researcher moves promote mathematical argumentation, justification of solutions, and providing reasoning for candidate solutions and solution methods. The analytic shows the researchers engaging in effective questioning strategies, encouraging collaborating with other students, and providing structured guidance for idea development as methods for eliciting argumentation and reasoning from students. The effect of these researcher moves is shown in these analytics. The response to the questioning strategies, the reasoning that students were asked to provide, and evidence of collaboration after researcher prompting are all demonstrated in this analytic to show effectiveness of the researcher moves.
Created on2019-01-05T18:05:36-0500
Published on2019-01-22T13:22:27-0500
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