Collaborative Problem Solving and Communication

PurposeStudent collaboration
DescriptionStudents use communication in mathematics to link ideas, communicate their ideas to their classmates and teachers, problem solve, analyze the mathematical thinking of others, and express their mathematical ideas (Rohid, et al, 2019). Students are able to communicate effectively, understand ideas, reason, and present mathematical ideas when given the opportunity. Inviting students to communicate mathematically deepens understanding of mathematics, deepens reasoning, and supports mathematical language development. It allows for the exploration and exchange of ideas and strategies. This analysis is intended to analyze mathematics communication skills and problem-solving among Alan and his classmates as they demonstrate their mathematics communication skills. In this analytic, we observe Alan as he communicates his mathematical ideas about fractions on a number line and its link to the concept of infinity. We explore Alan’s ability to communicate his argument that there are infinitely many numbers in any given interval of numbers.

Video references:
Alan’s Infinity [video]. Retrieved from

Non-video references:
Rohid, N., Suryaman, & Rusmawati, R. D. (2019). Students’ Mathematical Communication Skills (MCS)in Solving Mathematics Problems: A Case in Indonesian Context. Anatolian Journal of Education, 4(2), 19-30.
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