Scholarly Materials Published in 1993
Abbasi, Sarmad 1993-08 On the Genus of the Star Graph
Allender, Eric; Beigel, Richard; Hertrampf, Ulrich; Homer, Steven 1993-07 Almost-everywhere complexity hierarchies for nondeterministic time
Alonso, Rafael; Ganguly, Sumit 1993-12 Query optimization in mobile environments
Badrinath, B. R.; ImieliƄski, Tomasz 1993 Mobile Wireless Computing: Solutions and Challenges in Data Management
Becker, Ronald L. 1993 On Deposit: A Handshake and a Lawsuit
Ellman, Thomas 1993-08 Abstraction via approximate symmetry
Ganguly, Sumit; Leichter, Jerry; Noordewier, Michiel 1993-10 Fast search methods for biological sequence databases
Imielinska, Celina Z. 1993 A general class of heuristics for constrained forest and cycle problems Rutgers University Graduate School - New Brunswick Ph.D.
Liew, C. W.; Steinberg, Louis 1993-12 Constrained REDO: An Alternative to REPLAY
Masticola, Stephen P. 1993-05 Static detection of deadlocks in polynomial time
Minsky, Naftaly H. 1993-04 Regularities in software systems
Souvaine, Diane; Yap, Chee-Keng 1993 Combinatorial complexity of signed discs
Steinberg, Louis 1993-08 Combining Innovation and Perspiration
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