Scholarly Materials Published in 1994
Badrinath, B. R.; Bakre, Ajay 1994-10 I-TCP: Indirect TCP for Mobile Hosts
Borgida, Alex; McGuinness, Deborah L. 1994-09 Explaining subsumption in description logics
Dickinson, Sven J.; Metaxas, Dimitris 1994-12 Integrating qualitative and quantitative shape recovery
Ellman, Thomas; Patra, Saibal 1994-02 Hillclimbing in a hierarchy of abstraction spaces
Gopinath, Bhaskarpillai; Phalke, Vidyadhar 1994-11 Using Spatial Locality for Trace Compression
Hall, J. Storrs; Miyake, Keith M.; Smith, Don 1994-01 The CAM2000 chip architecture
Hyland, Richard 1994 The one and the many
Hyland, Richard 1994 Pacta sunt servanda: a meditation
Leicht, Jerrold; Minsky, Naftaly H. 1994-03 Law-governed Linda communication model
McCarthy, John J.; Prince, Alan S. 1994 The Emergence of the Unmarked: Optimality in Prosodic Morphology GLSA (Graduate Linguistic Student Association), Dept. of Linguistics, University of Massachusetts
Minsky, Naftaly H.; Pal, Partha P. 1994-07 Establishing Regularities in Object-Oriented (Eiffel) Systems
Souvaine, Diane; Wenger, Rephael 1994-11 Constructing piecewise linear homeomorphisms
Viswanathan, Subramaniyam R. 1994-11 Publishing in wireless and wireline environments
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