Scholarly Materials Published in 1995
Bhatt, Sandeep; Fernandez, Victor; Liu, Pangfeng; Zabusky, Norman 1995-03 Tree codes for vortex dynamics: Application of a programming framework
Ellman, Thomas; Keane, John; Murata, Takahiro; Schwabacher, Mark 1995-11 A Transformation System for Interactive Reformulation of Design Optimization Strategies
Ellman, Thomas; Hirsh, Haym; Schwabacher, Mark 1995 Learning Prototype-Selection Rules for Case-Based Iterative Design
Gao, Song; Gelsey, Andrew; Knight, Doyle; Schwabacher, Mark 1995-07 NPARC Simulation and Redesign of the NASA P2 Hypersonic Inlet
Hirsh, Haym; Loewenstern, David; Noordewier, Michiel; Yianilos, Peter 1995-03 DNA Sequence Classification Using Compression-Based Induction
Imieliński, Tomasz; Viswanathan, S. 1995-03 Pyramid Broadcasting For Video On Demand Service
Kalantari, Bahman; Shokoufandeh, Ali 1995 Approximation Schemes For Maximum Cardinality Matching
Keane, John; Schwabacher, Mark 1995-10 Notes on the second HPCD Workshop
McCarthy, John J.; Prince, Alan S. 1995 Faithfulness and Reduplicative Identity GLSA (Graduate Linguistic Student Association), Dept. of Linguistics, University of Massachusetts
Niessen, James P. 1995 Romanian Nationalism: An Ideology of Integration and Mobilization American University Press
Ryder, Barbara; Shah, Anand 1995-05 Function Pointers in C - An Empirical Study
Smolensky, Paul; Tesar, Bruce 1995 The Learnability of Optimality Theory: An Algorithm and Some Basic Complexity Results Johns Hopkins University, Department of Computer Science
Tesar, Bruce 1995 Computational Optimality Theory Ph.D.
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