Scholarly Materials Published in 1997
Avcu, Seyit Ali 1997 Religion as a source of legitimacy: Turkey and Saudi Arabia cases Rutgers University Graduate School - Newark M.A.
Badrinath, B. R.; Phatak, Shirish 1997-03 Database Server Organization for Handling Mobile Clients
Bergevin, Robert; Biederman, Irving; Dickinson, Sven J.; Eklundh, Jan-Olof; Jain, Anil K.; Munck-Fairwood, Roger; Pentland, Alex 1997-02 Panel report: the potential of geons for generic 3-D object recognition
Christensen, Henrik I.; Dickinson, Sven J.; Olofsson, Goran; Tsotsos, John K. 1997-09 Active object recognition integrating attention and viewpoint control
Davison, Brian D.; Miyake, Keith M. 1997-10 Notes on the technical sessions of the Fourth HPCD Workshop
Davison, Brian D.; Miyake, Keith M. 1997-10 Notes on the fourth HPCD Workshop
Davison, Brian D.; Hirsh, Haym 1997-08 Experiments in UNIX command prediction
Dickinson, Sven J.; Metaxas, Dimitris; Pentland, Alex 1997-09 The role of model-based segmentation in the recovery of volumetric parts from range data
Dickinson, Sven J.; Tsotsos, John K.; Wilkes, David 1997-02 A Computational Model of View Degeneracy and its Application to Active Focal Length Control
Hyland, Richard 1997 Draft
Landi, William; Ryder, Barbara G.; Zhang, Sean 1997-12 Experiments with Combined Analysis for Pointer Aliasing
Redlawsk, David Paul 1997 How voters use campaign information on-line versus memory-based processing in a presidential election Rutgers University Graduate School--New Brunswick Ph.D.
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