Scholarly Materials Published in 2000
Arnold, Matthew; Hind, Michael; Ryder, Barbara G. 2000-03 An Empirical Study of Selective Optimization
Arnold, Matthew; Ryder, Barbara G. 2000-11 A framework for reducing the cost of instrumented code
Bakovic, Eric 2000-01 Harmony, Dominance and Control Ph.D.
Bianchini, Ricardo; Carrera, Enrique V. 2000-10 Efficiency vs. Portability in Cluster-Based Network Servers
Davison, Brian D.; Liberatore, Vincenzo 2000-06 Pushing Politely: Improving Web Responsiveness One Packet at a Time
DeGrado, William F.; Hochstrasser, Robin M.; Jia, Yiwei; Lau, Wai Leung; Roder, Heinrich; Talaga, David S.; Tang, Jianyong 2000 Dynamics and folding of single two-stranded coiled-coil peptides studied by fluorescent energy transfer confocal microscopy National Academy of Sciences
Hsiao, Michael; Hsu, Chung-Hsing; Kremer, Ulrich 2000-11 Compiler-Directed Dynamic Frequency and Voltage Scheduling
Lerman, Robert I.; Riegg, Stephanie K.; Salzman, Hal 2000 The Role of Community Colleges in Expanding the Supply of Information Technology Workers
Milanova, Ana; Rountev, Atanas; Ryder, Barbara G. 2000-11 Points-to analysis for Java based on annotated constraints
Milanova, Ana; Rountev, Atanas; Ryder, Barbara G. 2000-07 Points-to analysis for Java using annotated inclusion constraints
Rountev, Atanas; Ryder, Barbara G. 2000-02 Practical Points-to Analysis for Programs Built with Libraries
Toby, Jackson 2000 Are Police the Enemy? Springer
Toby, Jackson 2000 Cakewalk to College Washington Post
Vazquez, Lourdes 2000 The Library of Babel
White, Krista 2000 Espousing Ezili: Images of a Lwa, Reflections of the Haitian Woman Center for Black Studies Research
Womack, Ryan 2000 Bonds Online
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