Scholarly Materials Published in 2001
Arumugam, Ashok; Gopalakrishnan, Suresh; Iftode, Liviu 2001 Federated file systems for clusters with remote memory communication
Bhatnagar, Sudeept; Vickers, Brett J. 2001-11 Providing Quality of Service Guarantees Using Only Edge Routers
Bianchini, Ricardo; Carrera, Enrique V.; Heath, Taliver; Pinheiro, Eduardo 2001-05 Load balancing and unbalancing for power and performance in cluster-based systems
Bianchini, Ricardo; Carrera, Enrique V.; Iftode, Liviu; Rao, Srinath 2001-08 User-Level Communication in Cluster-Based Servers
Borcea, Cristian; Iftode, Liviu; Nagaraja, Kiran; Stanley-Marbell, Phillip 2001-05 Smart Messages: A System Architecture for Large Networks of Embedded Systems
Cheng, Andrew Y.; Ouyang, Ming 2001-08 On Algorithms for Simplicial Depth
Cuenca-Acuna, Francisco Matias; Nguyen, Thu 2001-08 Cooperative caching middleware for cluster-based servers
Davison, Brian D.; Krishnan, Chandrasekar 2001-08 ROPE: the Rutgers Online Proxy Evaluator
Ganguly, Samrat; Niculescu, Dragos; Vickers, Brett 2001-04 Dynamic QoS Provisioning in Wireless Data Networks
Heath, Taliver; Martin, Richard P.; Nguyen, Thu 2001-06 The shape of failure
Hicks, Jamey; Kremer, Ulrich; Rehg, James M. 2001-06 A compilation framework for power and energy management on mobile computers
Hom, Jerry; Kremer, Ulrich 2001-09 Energy Management of Virtual Memory on Diskless Devices
Hsiao, Michael; Kremer, Ulrich; Stanley-Marbell, Phillip 2001-09 A hardware architecture for dynamic performance and energy adaptation
Lerman, Robert I.; Riegg, Stephanie K.; Salzman, Hal 2001 Community Colleges: Trainers or Retrainers of IT Workers American Association of Community Colleges
Li, Xiaoyan; Martin, Richard P.; Nagaraja, Kiran; Nguyen, Thu; Zhang, Bin 2001-05 Mendosis: A SAN-based Fault Injection Test-bed for the Construction of Highly Available Network Services
Martin, Richard P.; Matias Cuenca-Acuna, Francisco; Nguyen, Thu; Peery, Christopher 2001-11 PlanetP: Infrastructure Support for P2P Information Sharing
Milanova, Ana; Rountev, Atanas; Ryder, Barbara G. 2001-02 Class analysis for testing of polymorphism in Java software
Milanova, Ana; Rountev, Atanas; Ryder, Barbara G. 2001-05 Precise Call Graph Construction in the Presence of Function Pointers
Nath, Badri; Niulesu, Dragos 2001-04 Ad Hoc Positioning System (APS)
Powell, Arthur B.; Temple, Oshon L. 2001 Seeding Ethnomathematics with Oware: Sankofa
Provost, Foster; Weiss, Gary M. 2001-01 The effect of class distribution on classifier learning
Schement, Jorge Reina 2001 What have we learned?
Toby, Jackson 2001 Let Them Drop Out News America Incorporated
Wonnacott, David 2001-07 A general algorithm for time skewing
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