Scholarly Materials Published in 2003
Alderete, John; Horwood, Graham; Merchant, Nazarré; Nishitani, Koichi; Prince, Alan S.; Tesar, Bruce 2003 Surgery in Language Learning Cascadilla Press
Borcea, Cristian; Iftode, Liviu; Iyer, Deepa; Kang, Porlin; Sarker, Rabita; Saxena, Akhilesh 2003-05 Self-Routing in Networks of Embedded Systems using Smart Messages
Nelson, Nicole Alice 2003-05 Asymmetric Anchoring Ph.D.
Schement, Jorge Reina; Tate, Marsha 2003 Rural America in the digital age Rural Policy Research Institute
Welch, Michael 2003-06-01 Ironies of Social Control and the Criminalization of Immigrants Kluwer Academic Publishers
Womack, Ryan 2003 Career Exploration Resources American Library Association
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