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Alcántara, Jonathan B. (1998) The architecture of the English lexicon Ph.D.

Baković, Eric (1998) Unbounded Stress and Factorial Typology Blackwell Publishing

Fountain, Amy Velita (1998) An Optimality Theoretic Approach to Navajo Prefixal Syllables Ph.D.

Kirchner, Robert Martin (1998) An Effort-Based Approach to Consonant Lenition Ph.D.

Morelli, Frida (1998) Markedness Relations and Implicational Universals in the Typology of Onset Obstruent Clusters GLSA (Graduate Linguistic Student Association), Dept. of Linguistics, University of Massachusetts

Morris, Richard E. (1998) Stylistic Variation in Spanish Phonology Ph.D.

Nevin, Bruce E. (1998) Aspects of Pit River Phonology Ph.D.

Niessen, James P. Ress, Imre (1998) Hungary Center for Austrian Studies

Niessen, James P. (1998) Romania Center for Austrian Studies

Piñeros, Carlos Eduardo (1998) Prosodic Morphology in Spanish: Constraint Interaction in Word Formation Ph.D.

Powell, Arthur B. (1998) Forcing awareness of mathematics: Self, mind, and content in dialogue Mathematics Education Project

Suzuki, Keiichiro (1998) A Typological Investigation of Dissimilation Ph.D.

Toby, Jackson (1998) Getting Serious About School Discipline National Affairs, Inc.

Toby, Jackson (1998) Medicalizing Temptation National Affairs, Inc.

Womack, Ryan (1998) Radio and the Internet: A Study in the Development of New Communications Technology Alabama Library Association

Womack, Ryan (1998) Thomas Register Haworth Press

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