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Cassimjee, Farida Kisseberth, Charles W. (1999) A Conspiracy Argument for Optimality Theory: Emakhuwa Dialectology Penn Graduate Linguistics Society, University of Pennsylvania

Elzinga, Dirk Allen (1999) The Consonants of Gosiute Ph.D.

Fukazawa, Haruka (1999) Theoretical Implications of OCP Effects on Features in Optimality Theory Ph.D.

Heiberg, Andrea Jeanine (1999) Features in Optimality Theory: A Computational Model Ph.D.

Hendricks, Sean Quillan (1999) Reduplication without Template Constraints: A Study in Bare-Consonant Reduplication Ph.D.

Jun, Jongho (1999) Generalized Sympathy GLSA Publications

Kitto, Catherine de Lacy, Paul (1999) Correspondence and epenthetic quality University of Toronto, Dept. of Linguistics

Langschied, Linda (1999) Common Cause: Creating a Unified Environmental Information System through Stakeholder Partnership Association of College and Research Libraries

Michael J. Pazzani and Stephen D. Bay (1999) The Independent Sign Bias: Gaining Insight from Multiple Linear Regression Proceedings of the Twenty First Annual Conference of the Cognitive Science Society 525.

Morelli, Frida (1999) The Phonotactics and Phonology of Obstruent Clusters in Optimality Theory Ph.D.

Moreton, Elliott (1999) Non-computable functions in Optimality Theory Blackwell Publishing

Revithiadou, Anthoula (1999) Headmost Accent Wins Ph.D.

Wilson, Myoung C. (1999) Evolution or Entropy? Changing Reference/User Culture and the Future of Reference Librarians

Wilson, Myoung C. (1999) Post Reference Culture: The Work of Reference Librarians in the Age of Smart Machines: A Preliminary Working Paper

(1999) Distinctiveness, Coercion and Sonority: A Unified Theory of Weight Ph.D.

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