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Anderson, Jill E. (2000) “Nothing Done!”: The Poet in Early Nineteenth-Century American Culture Ph.D.

Bakovic, Eric Wilson, Colin (2000) Transparency, Strict Locality, and Targeted Constraints Cascadilla Press

Bakovic, Eric (2000) Nasal Place Neutralization in Spanish Penn Graduate Linguistics Society, University of Pennsylvania

Broadwell, George Aaron (2000) On the Phonological Conditioning of Clitic Placement in Zapotec University of British Columbia, Dept. of Linguistics

Bye, Patrik de Lacy, Paul (2000) Edge Asymmetries in Phonology and Morphology GLSA Publications

Ellison, T. Mark (2000) The Universal Constraint Set: Convention not Fact

Gerdemann, Dale van Noord, Gertjan (2000) Approximation and Exactness in Finite State Optimality Theory COLING

Hale, Mark Reiss, Charles (2000) Phonology as Cognition Oxford University Press

Harrison, David K. Kaun, Abigail (2000) Pattern-Responsive Lexicon Optimization Graduate Linguistics Student Association

Keller, Frank (2000) Gradience in Grammar: Experimental and Computational Aspects of Degrees of Grammaticality Ph.D.

Lerman, Robert I. Riegg, Stephanie K. Salzman, Hal (2000) The Role of Community Colleges in Expanding the Supply of Information Technology Workers

Matthew, Goldrick (2000) Turbid Output Representations and the Unity of Opacity Graduate Linguistics Student Association, University of Massachusetts

McCarthy, John J. (2000) Harmonic Serialism and Parallelism

Morris, Richard E. (2000) Constraint interaction in Spanish /s/-aspiration: three Peninsular varieties Cascadilla Press

Müller, Gereon (2000) Shape Conservation and Remnant Movement Graduate Linguistics Student Association, University of Massachusetts

Stuijke, Caro (2000) Why Constraint Conflict can Disappear in Reduplication Graduate Linguistics Student Association, University of Massachusetts

Talaga, David S. Lau, Wai Leung Roder, Heinrich Tang, Jianyong Jia, Yiwei DeGrado, William F. Hochstrasser, Robin M. (2000) Dynamics and folding of single two-stranded coiled-coil peptides studied by fluorescent energy transfer confocal microscopy National Academy of Sciences

Toby, Jackson (2000) Are Police the Enemy? Springer

Toby, Jackson (2000) Cakewalk to College Washington Post

Vazquez, Lourdes (2000) The Library of Babel

White, Krista (2000) Espousing Ezili: Images of a Lwa, Reflections of the Haitian Woman Center for Black Studies Research

Womack, Ryan (2000) Bonds Online

Zhang, Jie (2000) The phonetic basis for tonal melody mapping Cascadilla Press

Zuraw, Kie Ross (2000) Patterned exceptions in phonology Ph.D.

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