Video Mosaic Collaborative
Video Mosaic Collaborative

The Video Mosaic Collaborative (VMC) is an interactive collaboration portal designed to enable teachers, teacher educators and researchers to analyze and utilize the real classroom videos shot over a span of 20+ years to make new discoveries in math education and transform mathematics research, teaching and learning.

The VMC integrates the Robert B. Davis Institute for Learning Video Collection, a video collection spanning two decades capturing mathematics learning experiences across a range of grades, types of schools, with an online collaboration platform and tools. By combining innovative research with the teaching and learning process teachers, teacher educators and researchers are able to analyze and utilize actual classroom videos to enhance the experience for educators and students. The interactive and collaborative nature of the VMC allows researchers to craft new teaching methods while enabling practicing teachers and teacher educators to use and construct interventions for classes, individual students and other scenarios, with a high probability of success.

VMC, an NSF grant-funded initiative, tests the hypothesis that interventions utilizing videos and collaborative tools are more effective than comparably designed interventions without these components.

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