Propose a Digital project
Propose a Digital Project

All digital projects proposed by any librarian or staff member at Rutgers Libraries are required to undergo an evaluation process. This evaluation process will assist in prioritizing the project and help ensure that we have the resources to complete the project. The Principles for Prioritization and the current Strategic Plan, below, will guide our decisions.

Principles For Prioritization of Digital Projects

Within the context of our strategic plan, our priority digital projects derive from the following principles of value, rights, and means:


The projects have high impact on most users, or
The projects make unique and compelling resources of the university and the Libraries more accessible for research and instruction, or
The projects advance the Libraries unique contribution to and role in the university.


The projects include materials for which we have the necessary rights.


We have the resources, including, but not limited to, expertise, technology, and funding, to support the project, both initially and ongoing, and
There is a project manager willing and able to coordinate the implementation of the project.

The project manager will complete the appropriate questionnaire, sign with a digital signature, and send the completed form via email attachment to:
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