Participate in RUcore
Participate in RUcore
RUcore is a community repository that makes the intellectual property of Rutgers University, its faculty and graduate students, permanently available for scholars and researchers.

Faculty now have a simple service for submitting visual and textual materials in Word, PowerPoint, Excel, PDF, or TIFF files.

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How RUcore works

You Will

Login, using your netID. This enables you to submit materials and create a collection of materials in your name.

License RUcore to make the material permanently available through a nonexclusive license, which will not impact your ability to re-use the work in any manner but allows us to share your copyrighted work with others. You will provide this nonexclusive license to RUcore through a simple "optin" checkbox.

Deposit your work, by completing a simple form that tells us a little about the material you are submitting and then uploading the digital file.

RUcore Will

Catalog the resource, so that users can find it by author, department, type of material (e.g., article), subject, or a keyword search through a full text search of the entire resource.

Index and display the resource, so that anyone may search and retrieve it, through the RUcore website and through major search engines including Google Scholar.

Provide statistics and reports: You will be able to log in and view usage statistics for your documents, which can help to document impact for your work and that of your department.

The Faculty Survey, in collaboration with RUcore, will add a search box to "My Web Page" (your customizable personal web site), allowing you to provide search and display of your collection from your Faculty Survey generated web page.

Personalize access by providing a customizable dynamic web page and script upon request, allowing you to provide search and display of your work or your department's scholarly output. This search feature can be placed on your own online resume or website to give access to your scholarship, or it can be placed on your department's website to showcase the scholarly output of its faculty and graduate students.

Make the resource permanently available. The resource will be assigned a permanent location identifier (permanent URL) so if you cite it, the URL will never change and your resource will always be available. RUcore assigns digital signatures to each work and checks for signature failure to insure that the "live" copy is always available, Should a signature fail, indicating that a file is corrupted, the material will be replaced by one of the many backed up, stored files.

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