RUcore Services
RUcore Services

RUcore services are designed to make it easy for Rutgers faculty and their collaborators to participate in the Rutgers University Community Repository.

RUcore provides services that faculty can apply to their research projects to organize information and make it available to the worldwide community of researchers.

RUcore develops services for the repository and in collaboration with RU departments and individuals.

Workflow Management System

The most important tool is the Workflow Management System-a web-based graphical user interface for uploading digital objects (images, data sets, audio files, video files, digital text, etc.) and creating metadata to describe and manage those objects.

The WMS supports two roles: the administrator, who selects vocabularies and designs metadata templates that provide default information for many data elements, to speed up the metadata creation process, and the team member, who uploads objects and creates metadata, using the metadata templates.

The OpenWMS is a platform-independent, open source, web-accessible system that can be used as a standalone application or integrated with other repository architectures.

The OpenWMS supports the RUcore data model, with metadata to describe and manage digital objects. You can find definitions and examples for all the metadata data elements in the OpenWMS Metadata Guide.

For more information about WMS, contact the WMS project manager.

Electronic theses and dissertations application

In collaboration with the graduate school of Rutgers University, RUetd is a service to automate the workflow of submitting a thesis or dissertation to the graduate school, as well as to build a collection of electronic theses and dissertations that can be browsed by school or department, as well as by subject, author, etc.

Custom collection search and display

This tool allows an individual or project to easily add collection searching to a home page, electronic CV, or project website, so that project resources belonging to that collection can be searched and displayed. The search and retrieval will be automatically up to date with any resources that the faculty member, department or project adds.

E-Journal platform

RUcore has developed an electronic open journal platform that establishes a peer-review process, a web-based presentation platform for searching or browsing journal issues and an article-level archiving strategy that maintains each article in the RUcore repository. Current journals include: If you are interested in using RUL's open journal system to publish an e-journal, contact the project manager.


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