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Section: Genre

Last updated: April 29th, 2009
This section describes the form of an item. It is also an attempt to create a universally identifiable term based on terms used in various communities. Provides more specificity than typeOfResource. Genre is a term(s) that designates a category characterizing a particular style, form, or content, such as artistic, musical, literary composition, etc.

genre has the following components:
  • A value (the genre term)
  • Attributes:
    • authority
Usage Note
The genre term(s) may be taken from the controlled vocabulary sets in the authority (Term source) list.
Genre - Genre
The term that describes the form of the resource.
Abstracts, advertisements, atlases, books, drawings, candid portraits, GIS data.
Genre - Term source
Controlled Vocabulary
Gateway to Educational Materials (GEM) Resource Type Element Controlled Vocabulary []- GEM is a nonprofit consortium membership organization serving educators and trainers at all levels in the USA and around the world. GEM CV is: activity; best practice; catalog record; course; curriculum; curriculum support; educator's guide; lesson plan; project; research study; study guide; test; tool; unit of instruction; Other

Library of Congress Subject Headings (lcsh) [].

The Moving Image Genre-Form Guide (MIGFG) []. MIGFG-form CV is: Advertising; Advertising--Company promotion; Advertising--Infomercial; Advertising--Political commercial; Advertising--Promotional announcement; Advertising--Public service announcement; Amateur; Animation; Animation--Abstract animation; Animation--Cameraless animation; Animation--Clay animation; Animation--Combination live action and animation; Animation--Computer animation; Animation--Cutout animation; Animation--Pinscreen animation; Animation--Pixillation animation; Animation--Silhouette animation; Animation--Time-lapse animation; Anthology; Audition; Excerpt; Feature; Outtake; Performance; Puppet; Serial; Series; Short; Stock shot; Television; Television commercial; Television feature; Television mini-series; Television pilot; Television series; Television special; Trailer; Unedited MIGFG-genre CV is: Actuality; Adaptation; Adventure; Adventure (Nonfiction); Ancient world; Animal; Art; Aviation; Biographical; Biographical (Nonfiction); Buddy; Caper; Chase; Childrens; College; Comedy; Crime; Dance; Dark comedy; Disability; Disaster; Documentary; Domestic comedy; Educational; Erotic; Espionage; Ethnic; Ethnic (Nonfiction); Ethnographic; Experimental; Experimental--Absolute; Experimental--Abstract live action; Experimental--Activist; Experimental--Autobiographical; Experimental--City symphony; Experimental--Cubist; Experimental--Dada; Experimental--Diary; Experimental--Feminist; Experimental--Gay/lesbian; Experimental--Intermittent; Experimental--animation; Experimental--Landscape; Experimental--Loop; Experimental--Lyrical; Experimental--Participatory; Experimental--Portrait; Experimental--Reflexive; Experimental--Street; Experimental--Structural; Experimental--Surrealist; Experimental--Text; Experimental--Trance; Exploitation; Fallen woman; Family; Fantasy; Film noir; Game; Gangster; Historical; Home shopping; Horror; Industrial; Instructional; Interview; Journalism; Jungle; Juvenile delinquency; Lecture; Legal; Magazine; Martial arts; Maternal melodrama; Medical; Medical (Nonfiction); Melodrama; Military; Music; Music video; Musical; Mystery; Nature; News; Newsreel; Opera; Operetta; Parody; Police; Political; Pornography; Prehistoric; Prison; Propaganda; Public access; Public affairs; Reality-based; Religion; Religious; Road; Romance; Science fiction; Screwball comedy; Show business; Singing cowboy; Situation comedy; Slapstick comedy; Slasher; Soap opera; Social guidance; Social problem; Sophisticated comedy; Speculation; Sponsored; Sports; Sports (Nonfiction); Survival; Talk; Thriller; Training; Travelogue; Trick; Trigger; Variety; War; War (Nonfiction); Western; Women; Youth; Yukon

Moving Image Materials (MIM): Genre terms- A standardized list of terms and cross-references for designating moving image material genres and forms. Available only in print; no online version or equivalent exists. MIM CV is: Actualities; Adaptations; Addresses; Advertising; Aerial combat drama; Animal drama; Animation; Announcements; Anthologies; Anthropological works; Anti-war works; Armed Forces comedies; Audience participation programs; Autobiographical works; Award presentations; B movies; Beauty contests; Bergfilme; Biographies; Black films and programs; Bloopers; Caper drama; Cartoons; Childrens works; Cinema verite; City symphonies; Clay animation; College drama; Comedies; Comedy variety; Commercials; Community affairs; Compilations; Computer animation; Creature drama; Crime drama; Dance; Dance parties and contests; Debates; Detective drama; Disaster drama; Docudrama; Documentaries and factual works; Drama; Editorials; Educational/cultural works; Epics; Erotica; Fantasy; Fantasy comedies; Features; Fiction; Film; Film noir; Gambling drama; Game shows; Ganster drama; Gendai-Geki; Gossip; Graphic animation; Haha-mono; Heimatfilme; Historical re-creations; Historical works (Nonfiction); Home movies and video; Horror drama; Industrial works; Information; Instruction; Interviews; Invisible man drama; Juvenile delinquency drama; Keiko eiga; Legal drama; Light animation; Live shows; Made for TV movies; Magazines; Martial arts drama; Medical drama; Medical works (Nonfiction); Melodrama; Merodorama; Mini-series; Model animation; Moire pattern animation; Monster drama; Mood films; Motorcycle gang drama; Multiple image animation; Mummy drama; Music; Music shorts; Music videos; Musical variety; Musicals; Mysteries; Nansensu-mono; Nature works (Nonfiction); Naval combat drama; News; Newsreels; Novelties; Object animation; Organ transplant drama; Outtakes; Panel discussions; Panel shows; Paper animation; Parodies; Paukerfilme; Personal/independent works; Pilot programs; Pin screen animation; Pixillated animation; Plays; Police drama; Political drama; Political spots; Press conferences; Preussenfilme; Prison drama; Prisoner of war drama; Private eye drama; Propaganda; Psychopath drama; Public affairs; Public relations works; Public service; Puppet animation; Puppet works; Quiz shows; Readings; Religious works; Remakes; Reporter drama; Rock and roll musicals; Rural comedies; Rushes; Science fiction; Scientific works (Nonfiction); Screen tests, auditions, etc.; Sequels; Serials; Series; Shakai-mono; Shomin-geki; Shorts; Silhouette animation; Situation comedies; Slapstick comedies; Soap operas; Sociological drama; Sociological works (Nonfiction); Sophisticated comedies; Sound effects; Special event coverage and commentary; Specials; Sports event coverage and commentary; Sports drama; Spy drama; Still animation; Stock shots; Structuralist works; Superhero drama; Swashbucklers; Talent shows; Talk shows; Teen drama; Television; Theater advertising; Theater announcements; Traceau d ectoplasmes; Trailers and promos; Travelogues; Tsuma-mono; UPA-style animation; Unedited footage; Vampire drama; Variety; Vaudeville; Video; War documentaries; War drama; Werewolf drama; Westerns; Xerox animation; Zombie drama

Public Broadcasting metadata (PBCore) []- Descriptors used to categorize media items. PBCore CV is: Action; Actuality; Adults Only; Adventure; Advice; Agriculture; Animals; Animation; Anime; Anthology; Art; Arts/crafts; Auction; Auto; Aviation; Awards; Bicycle; Biography; Boat; Business/Financial; Call-in; Children; Children-music; Children-special; Children-talk; Collectibles; Comedy; Comedy-drama; Commentary; Community; Computers; Concert; Consumer; Cooking; Crime; Crime drama; Dance; Debate; Docudrama; Documentary; Drama; Educational; Entertainment; Environment; Event; Excerpts; Exercise; Fantasy; Fashion; Feature; Forecast; French; Fundraiser; Game show; Gay/lesbian; Health; Historical drama; History; Holiday; Holiday music; Holiday music special; Holiday special; Holiday-children; Holiday-children special; Home improvement; Horror; Horse; House/garden; How-to; Interview; Law; Magazine; Medical; Miniseries; Music; Music special; Music talk; Musical; Musical comedy; Mystery; Nature; News; News conference; Newsmagazine; Obituary; Opera; Outtakes; Panel; Parade; Paranormal; Parenting; Performance; Performing arts; Political commercial; Politics; Polls and Surveys; Press Release; Promotional announcement; Public service announcement; Question and Answer Session; Quote; Reading; Reality; Religious; Retrospective; Romance; Romance-comedy; Science; Science fiction; Self improvement; Shopping; Sitcom; Soap; Soap special; Soap talk; Spanish; Special; Speech; Sports; Standup; Suspense; Talk; Theater; Trailer; Travel; Variety; Voice-over; War; Weather; Western;

Radio Form/Genre Terms Guide (RADFG) []- A controlled form/genre thesaurus to facilitate searching for and retrieving information about radio. RADFG CV is: Adaptations; Addresses; Adventures; Advertising; Announcements; Anthologies; Audience participation programs; Auditions; Biographies; Call-in shows; Children's programs; Comedies; Commentary; Community affairs; Crime or mystery programs; Criticism; Debates; Disc jockey programs; Documentaries; Dramas; Educational programs; Ethnic programs; Excerpts; Fantasy; Field reports; Gossip; Historical dramas; Histories; Horror; Informational programs; Instructional programs; Literary readings; Magazines; Medical dramas; News; News bulletins; Outtakes; Panel discussions; Press conferences; Propaganda; Public affairs; Public service; Public service announcements; Quiz shows; Radio; Rehearsals; Religious programs; Science programs; Science fiction; Soap operas; Shortwave broadcasts; Special events coverage; Specials; Sports news and commentary; Sports events coverage; Talent shows; Talk shows; Telescoped airchecks; Television; Travelogues; Variety; Vox pop; War dramas; Western art music; Westerns

Tribune Sports Tags (TiVo) From PBCore []- Descriptors used to categorize media items. TiVo CV is: Aerobics; Archery; Arm wrestling; Auto racing; Badminton; Ballet; Baseball; Basketball; Beach Soccer; Beach Volleyball; Biathlon; Bicycle racing; Billiards; Boat racing; Bobsled; Bodybuilding; Bowling; Boxing; Bullfighting; Canoe; Cheerleading; Cricket; Curling; Darts; Diving; Dog racing; Equestrian; Extreme; Fencing; Field hockey; Figure skating; Fishing; Football; Gaelic football; Golf; Gymnastics; Handball; Hockey; Hunting; Hurling; Hydroplane racing; Indoor soccer; Intl basketball; Intl hockey; Intl soccer; Kayaking; Lacrosse; Luge; Martial arts; Motorsports; Motorcycle; Motorcycle racing; Mountain biking; Olympics; Outdoors; Pelota vasca; Playoff sports; Polo; Pool; Pro wrestling; Racquet; Ringuette; Rodeo; Roller derby; Rowing; Rugby; Running; Sailing; Shooting; Skateboarding; Skating; Skeleton; Skiing; Snooker; Snowboarding; Snowmobile; Soccer; Softball; Speed skating; Sports event; Sports non-event; Sports talk; Squash; Sumo wrestling; Surfing; Swimming; Table tennis; Tennis; Track/field; Triathlon; Volleyball; Watersports; Water polo; Water skiing; Weightlifting; Wrestling; Yacht racing

Local (i.e., terms provided by local institution.)
action [PB Core]; curriculum [GEM]; animation [MIM]

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