OpenMIC Metadata Guide

Overview of Metadata Help

Last updated: March 2nd, 2009

Notes relating to the forms and data entry

  • In some of the drop down lists on the tabs, you may see "No controlled terms provided!" This phrase means that there is no current list from which you can select a value. You'll need to either enter "free text" or have an administrator (collection owner) set up a list.
  • Elements that are marked with a red asterisk (*) on the forms indicate that information is required to be entered in that field.
  • Some elements, subelements and/or attributes described in the Metadata Help may not be displayed on the forms because they may have been disabled in your Metadata Schema or may have system-supplied default values.
  • On some of the forms, name information is shown in separate sections for personal and corporate data. In the database, both types of data are given in subelements of an overall "name" element. The Metadata Help makes reference to that database structure.

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