Scholarly Materials Published in 1998
Acharya, Arup; Badrinath, B. R.; Talukdar, Anup 1998 Rate Adaptation Schemes in Networks with Mobile Hosts
Altucher, Rita; Landi, William; Ryder, Barbara G.; Stocks, Philip; Zhang, Sean 1998-05 A Schema for Interprocedural Modification Side-Effect Analysis with Pointer Aliasing
Badrinath, B. R.; Welling, Girish 1998 Exporting environment awareness to mobile applications
Badrinath, B. R.; Phatak, Shirish 1998-03 An Architecture for Mobile Databases
Banerjee, Arunava; Davison, Brian D.; Hirsh, Haym; Macskassy, Sofus A. 1998-08 Human Performance on Clustering Web Pages
Batchu, Ravi; Levy, Saul 1998 Working Sets at Function Level
Chatterjee, Ramkrishna; Landi, William; Ryder, Barbara G. 1998 Complexity of Concrete Type-inference in the Presence of Exceptions
Chess, Caron; Gibson, Ginger; Hallman, William K.; Kovacs, Daniel 1998 Outreach materials about risk management plans: guidance from pilot research Center for Environmental Communication
Davison, Brian D.; Hall, J. Storrs; Steinberg, Louis 1998-03 Highest utility first search: a control method for multi-level stochastic design
Dickinson, Sven J.; Marsic, Ivan; Shokoufandeh, Ali 1998-07 View-Based Object Recognition Using Saliency Maps
Dickinson, Sven J.; Shokoufandeh, Ali; Siddiqi, Kaleem; Zucker, Steven W. 1998-01 Shock Graphs and Shape Matching
Hirsh, Haym; Navas, Julio C. 1998-11 Jambalaya: Using Multicast for Blind Distributed Web
Hsu, Chung-Hsing; Kremer, Ulrich 1998-07 A Framework for Qualitative Performance Prediction
Imieliński, Tomasz; Navas, Julio C. 1998-05 Multi-hop Dynamic Geographic Routing
Landi, William; Ryder, Barbara G.; Stocks, Philip; Zhang, Sean 1998 Comparing Flow- and Context-Sensitivity on the Modification Side-effects Problem
Paendorf, Karen; Souvaine, Diane 1998-04 Automating Software Documentation
Powell, Arthur B. 1998 Forcing awareness of mathematics: Self, mind, and content in dialogue Mathematics Education Project
Salzman, Hal 1998 Restructuring and Skill Needs: Will Firms Train? Sage Publications, Inc.
Smolensky, Paul; Tesar, Bruce 1998 Learnability in optimality theory
Toby, Jackson 1998 Getting Serious About School Discipline National Affairs, Inc.
Toby, Jackson 1998 Medicalizing Temptation National Affairs, Inc.
Womack, Ryan 1998 Thomas Register
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