Scholarly Materials Published in 1999
Abdulghani, Amin; Imieliński, Tomasz; Khachiyan, Leonid 1999-09 Cubegrades: Generalizing Association Rules
Badrinath, B. R.; Esakki, V.; Iftode, Liviu; Phatak, Shirish 1999 Web&: an architecture for non-interactive web
Chatterjee, Ramkrishna; Landi, William; Ryder, Barbara G. 1999-01 Relevant Context Inference
Chatterjee, Ramkrishna; Ryder, Barbara G. 1999-03 Data-flow-based Testing of Object-Oriented Libraries
Chatterjee, Ramkrishna; Ryder, Barbara G. 1999-03 Data-flow-based testing of object-oriented libraries
Flynn, C. Benjamin; Wonnacott, David 1999-01 Reconciling Encapsulation and Dynamic Dispatch via Accessory Functions
Gordon, Michael; Kremer, Ulrich; Ryder, Barbara G.; Shah, Nirav; Smith, Don 1999-10 A Static Study of Java Exceptions using JESP
Hsu, Chung-Hsing; Kremer, Ulrich 1999-12 A Stable and Efficient Loop Tiling Algorithm
Hsu, Chung-Hsing; Kremer, Ulrich 1999-10 Tile Selection Algorithms and their Performance Models
Iftode, Liviu; Singh, Jaswinder Pal 1999-09 Shared Virtual Memory: Progress and Challenges
Keer, Edward W. 1999-10 Geminates, the OCP and the Nature of CON Ph.D.
Landi, William; Rountev, Atanas; Ryder, Barbara G. 1999-04 Data-Flow Analysis of Program Fragments
Langschied, Linda 1999 Common Cause: Creating a Unified Environmental Information System through Stakeholder Partnership Association of College and Research Libraries
Navas, Julio C. 1999-03 Geographic Routing User's Guide
Wonnacott, David 1999-05 Time Skewing for Parallel Computers
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