Scholarly Materials Published in 2002
Horrigan, John B.; Schement, Jorge Reina 2002 Dancing with Napster: Predictable consumer behavior in the New Digital Economy Stanford University
Lane, Julia; Moss, Philip; Salzman, Hal; Tilly, Chris 2002 Too Many Cooks? Tracking Internal Labor Market Dynamics in Food Service with Case Studies and Quantitative Data Russell Sage Foundation
Ortmann, G√ľnther; Salzman, Hal 2002 Stumbling Giants: The Emptiness, Fullness, and Recursiveness of Strategic Management Lucius & Lucius Verlagsgesellschaft
Prince, Alan S.; Smolensky, Paul 2002-08 Optimality Theory: Constraint Interaction in Generative Grammar
Triggs, Jeffery A. 2002 Understanding Dictionaries
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