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Bradley, Travis G. (2001) A Typology of Rhotic Duration Contrast and Neutralization GLSA (Graduate Linguistic Student Association), University of Massachusetts

Coe, Cati (2001) Learning to Find Out: Theories of Knowledge and Learning in Field Research Sage Publications

Crist, Sean Jacob (2001) Conspiracy in Historical Phonology Ph.D.

Féry, Caroline (2001) Markedness, Faithfulness, Vowel Quality and Syllable Structure in French

LaFond, Larry L. (2001) The Pro-drop Parameter in Second Language Acquisition Revisited: A Developmental Account Ph.D.

Powell, Arthur B. Temple, Oshon L. (2001) Seeding Ethnomathematics with Oware: Sankofa

Schement, Jorge Reina (2001) What have we learned?

Steencken, Elena (2001) Tracing the growth in understanding of fraction ideas: a fourth grade case study Ed. D.

Toby, Jackson (2001) Let Them Drop Out News America Incorporated

Zhang, Jie (2001) The Effects of Duration and Sonority on Contour Tone Distribution--Typological Survey and Formal Analysis Ph.D.

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